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How does it work to place adverts with Shoutcast 2? Shoutcast  itself says, that anyone can earn money by broadcasting automated spots. The requirements are:

  1. Schedule a pair of 2 minute mp3 files with the tag “Advert:” in the artist and title section.
  2. The metadata to activate the ads is “Advert:” in both artist AND title.
  3. The advertising server is case sensitive, so make sure to use capital “A” and the colon.
  4. The audio in your MP3 file will be heard by people in countries that don’t have ads running.
  5. You should put audio in the file (or files) that you would want people to hear if they’re not hearing the SHOUTcast triggered ad at that time.
  6. Moreover, did you know you can choose to trigger up to 5 commercial breaks per hour?

But there´s no information about payment of the placed ads. Also you don´t get any official answer at the Shoutcast forums. Where you can get support, is by writing an email to

We pay quarterly broadcasters and will send next report end of march. Payment is a revenue share between TargetSpot and you, you get 40% of net revenue, refer to provider agreement:

After you receive your report, accounting contacts you to get your PayPal or bank information to make the transfer. Revenue is calculated on impressions (depends on how much you trigger, minimum of 2 ad-breaks / hour is required on streaming service) and CPM which varies depending on campaigns and country.
We monetize in Canada, USA, Latin America and west Europe.


To use this service, you need to create an account at You can create your Auth Hash there, which you have to insert at your streaming server application. That´s it! If you wonder, why Revenues page isn´t working:

You won’t see it for now on the RMO we’re working on developing that feature in the next months.


By the way: you don´t need to place two ads per hours. If you host Shoutcast by yourself it´s up to you how many ads you are triggering. Also ads are only triggered when you use the following bitrates: MP3 64/128/192/256/320, AAC 32/48/64/128 for adverts. Other bitrates are not supported.

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